Shiuli Editing Services


At Shiuli Editing Services we work on projects of any length including:

  • Articles / Blog Posts
  • Short Stories
  • Novelettes / Novellas
  • Novels

Genres Accepted:

  • Romance and Erotica
  • Crime, Mystery, Thriller
  • Horror
  • Non Fiction

Services Offered:

  • Proofreading: We will check your manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax errors and continuity.
  • Developmental Editing: We will take an in-depth look at the construction of your story and address content, structure, plot, characterization, conflict, emotional tension, dialogue, point of view and author voice. We will comment on recurring spelling, grammar, punctuation issues but we will not correct these in a developmental edit.
  • Line Editing: We will check for paragraph structure, sentence flow, word choice and language related techniques, passive voice, tense, style, readability and forward movement in addition to checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax.
  • Complete Editing: This option includes total two passes on the manuscript. The first pass is for a Developmental edit. Once the client works on the suggestions and re-submits the manuscript, we will do a pass of Line Editing on the manuscript.


We offer a FREE sample edit of the first five pages of your manuscript (double spaced, Courier New font, size 12) to give you an exact quote and to help you determine whether we are a good creative fit. To request a sample edit and pricing info, please email us at

We understand the nuances of the English language (whether American English or United Kingdom English) and punctuation preferences and how it can vary between different countries. All work is carried out in a secure and confidential environment. We sign a standard editing contract with the client with an option for a Non-Disclosure Agreement.