Shiuli Editing Services Testimonials from clients.

I had the pleasure of working with Dola on several manuscripts and I was very impressed with how she caught even the minute grammatical and structural flaws in the manuscript. She is detailed, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working more with her. More power to Dola and editors like her. My novel Ex-Factor, which Dola edited, won a prize in the Kindle Pen to Publish contest 2019.

Varsha Dixit, Bestselling Author, Winner Kindle Pen to Publish 2019-long form.

A good editor always adds supreme value to a story. It’s like having an expert giving you neutral views and pointed suggestions about making your story more impactful. The trick, however, lies in amplifying the author’s voice rather than modifying it. Dola Basu Singh was all of this when I worked with her for my story ‘Who Killed The Kaneez,’ which went on to win the Kindle Pen to Publish 2019 contest for both of us. If you’re looking for helpful, non-overpowering advice and a person who’s as excited about the project as you are, go right ahead. She’s a joy to work with.

Vijay Kakwani, Author, Winner-Kindle Pen to Publish 2019, short form.

Dola  is an amazing editor to work with. Her incredible eye for detail catches everything–from inconsistencies in characterization, dialogue, narrative voice, to grammatical errors and everything in between. Her editing skills significantly improved my short stories, while preserving my personal voice and style. A short story she edited for me was selected for an anthology by Wolf Books. I look forward to working with her on my future projects. Dola is a pleasure to work with. She is fast, accurate, and responsive. I plan on sending her many more stories in the future.

Nageen Rather, Asst. Professor and short story writer.

When I finished writing the final draft of my novel, The Curse, I instinctively approached Ms. Dola Basu Singh. As an editor and a member of Indian Copyeditors Forum, I had heard of her but had never interacted.
I am glad I opted to submit my manuscript to her. She is knowledgeable and a thorough professional—a great combination of skills, talent, and dedication. Her eye for detail helped me improve the narrative’s syntax and structure. The characterization also improved.
I am extremely proud of my own credentials as an editor, but I must say Dola is among the best in this profession.
Will be glad to submit my next novel’s manuscript to her.

Randeep Wadehra, Editor, Columnist, Author, Radio script-writer.

I had stalked Dola over various writing and reading platforms before I approached her for editing my manuscript. She was extremely patient with me throughout the editing process of my debut novel. She invested extra efforts to understand the soul of the story. Our long discussions about several pertinent plot points helped me make my story better suited for readers. Her suggestions and opinions come from an honest place and she has the incredible capacity to never let pre-conceived notions color her understanding of the writer’s point of view. I would describe Dola as objective, diligent, and open with great technical understanding of her job. Best wishes to her for all her future endeavors. I hope to work with her again.

Malvika Mishra, Author.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you for all your expertise and efforts to bring out the best in Happiness ki Khoj. I love your collaborative approach to enhance the content with ease and efficiency. You were extremely patient to hand-hold me through the entire process of my debut book and your keen eye to detail has made HKK shape up the way it was expected 🙂 I had a great time working with you on a project most dear to me. Thank you and more power to you and your work.

Rachana Gupta, Author, Happiness Coach, Founder GynoVeda.

It was a great experience working with Dola. The best thing I liked about her work is that she retains the voice of the author, a rare quality to find in editors these days. Also, she finished the editing within the promised time-frame, again a rare quality. She not only helped with editing but also formatted the book, which was totally out of the scope of her responsibilities. Looking forward to work with her for my future books.

Alka Saklani, Author.

It was a pleasure working with you. I won’t say all-the-way pleasure as you are a very tough nut to crack, though of course in a nice way 🙂 I am a stubborn writer and you are a stubborn editor, but we must have done something right together if Destined’s Amazon ranking is anything to go by. It won the honorable mention in the Pen to Publish contest by Amazon. I must thank you for the selfless nights you stayed awake for me, and not only for one but multiple edits and rounds. Anytime I had a problem–which was plenty of times–you were there for me. I am looking forward to working with you for many more books to come.

Rubina Ramesh, Author, Founder of The Book Club.

Dola has the unique talent to understand what exactly is the story you want to tell and help you tell it in your own voice. And she gets into her reader-shoes as easily to make sure the story is gripping and well-told. A total 360-degree approach. Being an editor myself, Dola is one of the very few people whose editorial feedback I trust, and my writing is all the better for it.

Sonia Rao, Editor, Author, NaNoWriMo ML for Asia::India

Dola is a genuine person and editor. She has helped me immensely with four books and she was sweet enough to squeeze in a few days to help proofread another. It is easy to feel comfortable with her and have a heart-to-heart discussion about the book. She quickly gets the pulse of the story and accordingly helps with editing. I really hope we have a long run together.

Reshma Ranjan, Author.

It was a wonderful experience working with Dola and I wish to express my sincere gratitude to her for putting a second pair of eyes through my manuscript ABC Calling. She identified even the minutest errors and structural flaws and shaped the book to a much better level. It was a learning experience for me. Looking forward to work with her again for my next book. 

Vineeth Menon, Author.

Dola Basu Singh came highly recommended. She was my first and only choice for editing my short story collection. She is meticulous in her work, starting from signing the contract to giving the edits on time. She is very patient. She didn’t shy away when I asked her to look in places where I thought some corrections were necessary. She even formatted the book when I asked so that all I had to do was upload it on KDP. She is very professional when it comes to her work. I am a happy and satisfied client. 

Janaki Nagaraj, Author, Blogger.

Thanks for taking my book on such a short notice and editing it with lightning speed. Your professionalism and detailed comments were highly appreciated. Your lovely nature is rare to find in this Indie world. I’d like to work with you in future too and hope we will soon one day.

Shaira Chandler, Author.

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