The Other Guy : My entry for the Get Published Contest

The Idea:

Ritu falls in love at the most inopportune time – after marriage. And to make matters worse – it isn’t with her husband.

Eager to escape her hell like home, where her father abused her mother but constantly got away with it, the small-town girl marries a big-city guy and settles in the city, eager to start her new found life.

Her life, however, soon becomes a noose around her throat as she realizes how little is her worth in the household. Her opinions matter little, her capabilities are doubted, she is not allowed even the simplest pleasures of life and has to be dependent on her husband for everything.

Even though she is fed up of so many restraints on her life she has no choice but to carry on when one fine day she meets a boy who doesn’t doubt her but encourages her to explore the world and do as her heart desires. Her life changes from a boring and mundane to-do list to an exciting and thrilling adventure. She soon finds herself attracted to this positive young man and wonders what life would be like if she were with him. Every meeting brings her closer to him and her desires get stronger. But suddenly she finds herself standing on a cross road where she has to chose either her husband or the other guy.

But is it easy for a married woman to leave her husband because of an illicit affair? Would society allow such sin? And the worst part is – would she be able to justify this to her guilt-ridden conscious?

What makes this idea Real:

This story is about a married woman and the real life obstacles she faces on her way to find true love. Obstacles like the society telling her ‘How’ and ‘Who’ she should love.


She tried to drown out the cries coming out from her parents bedroom by putting some pillows on her head but they didn’t help much. She could still hear her mother crying loudly, begging him to stop. His laugh sounded almost maniacal as though he was drawing some sadistic pleasure by hurting her so. As silent tears ran down her pale cheeks she wished she could do something to stop her father once and for all. She shivered remembering her fate when she had dared to knock on the closed bedroom door on a similar evening ; she still bore the mark of his anger on her forehead. She couldn’t bear the noise any longer and went outside in the freezing January night, praying to God she might catch her death in the cold, anything, as long as she could be free from this hell…

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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4 thoughts on “The Other Guy : My entry for the Get Published Contest

  1. I am eager to konw what qualities RITU had which her husband could not recognised but her boy friend did.what type of changes came in her life? As far as I know about marriage is that either man or woman be dorment most of cases. One of them eploit other physically,mentally or economically.Unfortunately or from woman’s point of , man exploit more than woman.

    But it is fact. one exploit other. It is possible that one is happy for being exploited or consider oneself happy that he/she is getting less exploitation.

    perphaps,this concept is working in all relation be it employer and employee, SAAS AUR BAHU,husband and wife.

    ones are lucky who love and get love in return, give respect to others and get respected.

    Please forgive ,if it hurt you in any term.

    1. Thank You for taking interest in the story. I will be writing the story soon and you will get to read it, hopefully in a Book, otherwise on my blog.
      And don’t you think that love and understanding should be the basis for any relationship? Maybe That is the reason why Ritu found “The Other Guy” attractive!

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