My Black Wishlist

Since I teach at a high school I am up early mornings and now that the summer vacation is over, I’m back to the grinding routine. Even though I get up early everyday (yes, even Sundays!) you couldn’t call me a morning person. So what is it that helps me shake off my precious (sleep) in the wee hours of morning? Coffee, of course! And what if the delicious coffee came in a hilarious package? That would be a certain wake-me-up, is it not? Here’s Coffee with Grumpy Cat (pun intended!)


I fell in love with this mug as soon as I saw it. Think this will make a wonderful addition to my ever-growing collection of coffee mugs, especially since it’s Black and has Grumpy cat, two of my favourite things in this world!

Once I’ve made my coffee I head towards the study for an early morning stint with my writing. Yes, #amwriting. Nothing like sipping aromatic coffee while writing down my first thoughts of the morning. I’m a pen-and-paper person and need the feel of solid metal scratching against white rough handmade paper to get my writing juices flowing instead of clacking keys on the notebook. Though I do that too, especially during NaNoWriMo when the word count pressure is too much to allow me to write on my journal and then type it up. But there’s nothing more soothing than to see the black ink making delicious curls on the paper. So the next three things on my wishlist are these:




The journal is a bunch of unruled handmade paper stiched together in a black leather binding. Perfect for writing as well as for the times when I get the urge to doodle. The set of pens is my favourite brand, Pierre Cardin, and have black ink, my preferred color for writing. One is a Roller Ball where as the other one is a Ball Pen. The pen holder is also handmade black pottery with clever leather stitches, perfect for keeping my black beauties safe.

Now to my daily dose of reading. The next thing on my wishlist is the All New Kindle Fire 8.9″ HD Tablet. Isn’t it a beauty?


Though I do LOVE my current Kindle PaperWhite and have enjoyed it immensely ever since I got it last December, I miss the colors of the book covers. The new Kindle Fire will make sure I can enjoy the colorful book covers as if I was holding the real book in my hands at the same time keeping me in touch with the Internet. The browser in my Kindle PW is an experimental one and doesn’t let me do a lot of things! This one will keep me well-read as well as connected! Not a deal to let go is it?

What are some of the things in your wishlist, black or not?

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Let me know what you think!